Agriculture - Arable Silage

Arable silage mixtures are particularly suitable for farmers wishing to increase their levels of home produced protein and reduce their reliance on purchased feed and fertiliser. They also provide the opportunity to be used as cover crop for establishing an under-sown grass crop; when using this option the cover crop seed rate should be reduced. Arable silage offers a cost-effective, high quality, alternative or additional feed to grass or maize silage. Cereals can be grown anywhere in the UK under a wide range of conditions and will produce consistently high yields of dry matter, even in dry seasons and cold weather.

Cereals for arable silage are harvested earlier as a one-cut operation and as such are much less prone to weather problems that can cause difficulties with later harvested crops. Because whole crop cereals are in the ground for a comparatively short time, their early harvest allows earlier reseeding or drilling of other autumn combinable crops. Arable silage produces a high quality forage of consistent quality, palatability and predictable yield and can be self-fed from the silage face or bales.

Conventional Mixtures


  • 66% Spring Barley
  • 34% Spring Peas

Arable Silage No2

  • 30% Spring Barley
  • 30% Spring Oats
  • 40% Spring Peas

Arable Silage No3

  • 35% Spring Barley
  • 30% Spring Oats
  • 25% Spring Peas
  • 0% Spring Vetches

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