Ross Muirhead & Co Fertilisers specifically designed for use on all amenity and sports field grassed areas. Fertilisers not only assist with the establishment of new grassed areas, but also help towards the maintenance and upkeep of established amenity turf. This fertiliser range offers a selection of fertiliser blends to aide establishment and healthy growth of our grass seed range.

PRE SEED FERT 6 : 9 : 6

A Preseeding fertiliser for use on soils that already have reasonable Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium levels encouraging good root development.

PRE SEED FERT 10 : 15 : 10

A Preseeding fertiliser particularly recommended for use on impoverished soils.


For established recreation areas where the application of fertiliser will maintain healthy grass cover which would otherwise be lost through lack of nutrients.

GENERAL PURPOSE 20 : 10 : 10

For use on areas such as sports fields, landfill, coal spoil and quarry reclamation or generally where the growing medium is very low in nutrients.

LAWN FERT 11 : 5 : 5 Spring / Summer

A well-proven outfield fertiliser for use on sports grounds and golf fairways which receive intensive use and need additional nutrients to help the turf make a full recovery. A general purpose Spring / Summer fertiliser.

Please call Alan or Alison on 01259 760400 or email alan@grassseed.co.uk to discuss your fertilizer needs.