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Carse Hay

Make Hay the Easier way.

No Seed Merchant has made as much Hay as we Have
No Seed Company has Grazed as many Horses as We Have!
We have produced large quantities of top quality hay for over 100 years.
We have supplied some of the top producers of hay in the UK.
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Pease call Alan or Alison on 01259 760400 at any time or email to discuss your hay needs.


TWO YEAR LEY - This mixture is for the production of hay or haylage, and though it can used for grazing it is in particular a cutting ley. This will last 2 years and will produce a consistent sample of hay. It is most suitable for professional buyers. The yield will be 30 - 40% greater than from permanent grass but the yield will drop after two years.

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  • Gemini Italian ryegrass (Tet)
  • Fabio Italian ryegrass (Tet)
  • Ligrande Italian ryegrass
  • Ligunda Hybred ryegrass
  • 14kg per acre

Please call Alan or Alison on 01259 760400 or email to discuss your hay and haylage needs.