Agriculture - Oversow

If you wish to rejuvenate your original grassland; whether a full grass mixture, recovering poached land or adding in clover where needed we are in the ideal position to help. Tell us what you need and we will mix it. Usually a half rate i.e. 13.65kg (1 Acre pack) will cover 2 acres.

image of oversow

If you wish to increase the clover in your sward, the usual rate is 1kg of clover per acre. For more information on the benefits of clover visit the clover page

Please call Alan or Alison on 01259 760400 or email to discuss your grass seed needs.

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We have been growing, producing, and selling grass seed wholesale and retail for 4 generations. Our years of experience in all aspects of grassland management, give us the unique position to answer to your questions please just ask, we will be happy to help. As we are independent Seedsmen, we are able to source all available UK varieties from the Seed Houses of Europe.